Sunday, August 31, 2008

When friends move away....

I have been so very fortunate to have made some lovely and inspiring friends through my association with the Houston Hat Net (hat lovers/wearers in the Houston TX area).

First, Kate, a milliner/legal secretary who lived in Friendswood (just south of Houston)- I met her in a "ladies room" - we both worked for lawyers on the same floor of a large office building. Kate always wore the most beautiful hats (and I loved hats but was wary of wearing them), so we became friends. When I learned she was teaching millinery classes at Houston Community College, of course, I signed up when I could. She is a great friend and fabulous teacher! Kate moved to St. Gallen, Switzerland, and then to Arlington, Virginia.

And, Jill, also a milliner/librarian whom I met at once of Kate's classes. Another sister soul...she recently moved from Kingwood (just north of Houston) to Salt Lake City, Utah. In the picture below, she is posing along-side Harmonie the Hippo - an art car belonging to our sister/friend, Sue. (Jill, love the bare feet - one of my favotire pictures of you.) Jill is also a great millinery instuctor.

Links to their blogs are listed on my site.

I miss my friends being close to me - but I love the fact that I am able to keep up with their activities through their blogs. And visits, of course.

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