Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I love Tea Parties!

Dilly Over Darjeeling (from Laurie Nienhaus at www.glily.com)

Darjeeling has always been one of my favorite teas. As a matter of fact, it is the tea responsible for the parting of ways between Lipton and myself.

Darjeeling's signature muscatel quality makes it a perfect match for pairing with mild, creamy cheeses. Dill is a herb that also pairs well with mild creamy cheeses, and the combination of all three makes a fragrant and savory tea experience.

Most large grocery stores carry dill Havarti and what can be easier than to bring it to room temperature, slice it thin, and pop it upon your favorite cracker or a piece of hot buttered toast?

Do you need a little crunch with your Darjeeling? Fill celery sticks with a mixture of cream cheese, dill, and a pinch of white pepper.

If you're in the mood for a little more fuss, have a cup of Darjeeling waiting for you as your Havarti dill and asparagus quiche comes from the oven. It's easy to substitute whatever cheese your quiche recipe calls for with Havarti dill (I sometimes also add a bit of fontina).

Do you need to be fancy? Make crab salad with dill and fill miniature Sally Lunn rolls to serve with your second flush Darjeeling.

And we can't forget dill bread! Sliced hot from the oven and spread with butter, it can easily stand alone with the finest of Darjeelings.

Oh dear, is it tea time yet?

Laurie Nienhaus is the Director of The Ladies' Tea Guild and Editor in Chief of the Tea Guild's monthly publication, Sweet Willa's Review. To learn more about this unique social club and tea society or to subscribe to Sweet Willa's Review, visit www.glily.com.


Miss Janey said...

MIss J loves tea... Why hasn't she been out for tea in ages?

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

We go for Tea as often as we can...there are several lovely tea rooms in the Houston area.

CIELO said...


... and thanks for stopping by my house in the roses the other day...



by Ambrosia and Epiphany said...

Hey Texas Lady,

Great article, I love tea and have it every evening with my husband and three year old and our office is throwing a tea party tomorrow for a special co-worker. It is just my way of luring more people back to drinking it. I love Tea...thanks for sharing.



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