Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, here I am again.......

It's Thursday, garbage day in my neighborhood. The guys come early, so I have to put my trash can out at night. Last week, I went out early to add some trash to my bin, and noticed someone else had dumped their stuff in my receptable. Drive-by trashing? At least it was in the can, right! That's an improvement.

I'm thinking about moving (yes, family, again).....I have roaming feet and like to relocate often. Can't stay in once place to long. Have been researching rental properties in my area. Wow, are those landlords proud of their houses. Rents have increased to the point that to move "up" and stay in the same price range, I would have to go from a three-bedroom, one-bath, large kitchen, very large yard with lots of trees --- to a one-bedroom (or teeny two-bedroom), one-bath apartment for the same price. Well, I can stay where I am for the time being, and just travel more. Vegas, here I come!

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